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The ArcaDad’s after work musk

The ArcaDad’s after work musk

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Whether it's being on the road for hours on end, working inside poorly ventilated buildings or outside in the scorching sun, your ArcaDad sure gets sweaty a lot.

But don't you worry, he will have his fun when he gets home!

Stripping down until he wears nothing but his Jockstrap, teasing and playing with his bulge as it's getting bigger and harder with each rub.

You just couldn't help yourself, could you? You just had to sneak up to his room and take a peek at what he's doing in there.
“No point in keeping me waiting, boy.”
He caught you!

“Why don't you come in, put your muzzle on my crotch and take a deep breath?”

Can you handle his musk?

 With “The ArcaDad’s after work musk”, you'll receive a sample of your favorite Dad's musk all to yourself!

Thanks to the collaboration with 'HuffAromas', who specialize in producing only the highest quality of authentic and customized scents of all kinds of furries, you can now experience what it would be like, if YOU were sneaking up to your ArcaDad's room to take a peek! (And being invited inside...)

You can also choose to add your very own 'papi' Jockstrap to your order!
(Please note that, while the Jockstrap itself is always going to be white, the text can come in either black, red or blue. These colors are picked at random and according to availability)

Additionally, each verified purchase (excluding basic package) will gain exclusive access to:

  • The uncensored version of the artwork created by the amazing
    'Lunatic Pangolin' (Twitter: @LP_NSFW),
  • An erotic eight page long story about Aerus, the Houndoom, having a sleepover at his friend Ruven's house and not being able to resist temptation when he finds himself alone with his friend's Dad for a while. Is it worth the risk?
    This story was conceptualized by
    'JustSoMeh' (Twitter; @Dontplantofollo) and finalized by
    'Larric Lazuli' (Twitter: @LarricLazuli)

What are you waiting for? Your ArcaDad is waiting for you!

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Use toy safe soap to clean the product. Must not be used with silicone based lubricants.

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