Stream's Toys

From Fantasy to Reality

Custom made fantasy toys and accessories, designed and made in house

Welcome to my store! Recently, I've started the business of making silicone toys . I have been using Twitter as a way to promote my products. I order materials and make the toys as the orders comes in. I have no inventory stock. Everything is FRESHLY made. I use the best quality, platinum cure, cerifitied skin safe silicone. I use the Eco-flex and Dragon Skin line of products from Smooth-On.

This is a completely new adventure to me and your support is greatly appreciated. If you do make content on your Twitter, make sure to add @streamstoys . It would help alot , as money made here is mostly reinvested in product research and developement. More product ideas are on its way. I recommend you follow my Twitter (linked at the bottom of the page) for the latest product updates.

I am proud to ship all around the world and to Uranus

Thank you!


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Location: Chambly, Quebec, Canada